So much for blogging every morning while I have coffee! It’s easier to just sit there and consume content via my iPad. But we will not give up…and we are at it again.

The good news is that the PC running our Olds Community TV feed is working. And it’s working without a failure for more than 100 hours. The bad news? Last Sunday the landlord was doing some renovations to the back office and they switched off a breaker which shut down the server. Although the PC is on a battery backup, the main power was off long enough to drain the battery and shut everything down. I spoke with him on Sunday while I was in the office rebooting everything and we worked out a deal. He’ll let me know when they plan to do something like this again.

Then there’s more bad news…the PC that server as our main video editing workstation had the power supply burn-out. It turns out that there is an air filter on the bottom of the case where the power-supply fan draws in air and it hadn’t been cleaned since…well forever! I didn’t know it was there and it was solid with dust and what ever. The local computer shop doesn’t carry that type of high-end part in stock but they could order it. Since we can’t afford the delay we went to Calgary to pick up the part. So far too busy to install the part . . . stories to work on you know . . . but later today I’ll install the part and perform a back up.

Still struggling with the best way to cover the town council meetings. Recording the entire event doesn’t make a lot of sense since we will never play it back (or maybe we will via the live stream at 3:00 in the morning [light-bulb comes on]) in its entirety. What it does do is provide us with leads to news stories. Such as the story on the future plans for the Olds Cemetery we were working on when the edit workstation shut down.  An interesting story that has elements that span time – from the past and into the future. Kind of like a time machine. Hmmm… just had an idea to deal with the town council content issue. Now back to work.


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