No, not that…but this…

Brand Journalism or Content Marketing . . .

Over the past few days I’ve heard the term ‘Brand Journalism’ at two different meetings. That’s good. For me at least. We’ve been practitioners of the fundamental tasks supporting Brand Journalism and Content Marketing for many years now. We haven’t called it that but that’s what we have been doing in some form or another. For one client back in 2008 it was almost pure play ‘brand journalism’.

Our client was an IT services and hardware company serving the B2B market. They operated out of three locations and though each office had their specialties to meet the local market needs they serviced businesses in the region. Their website was needing some attention and I was called in to assist in creating some content for the site. Instead of re-writing all the sales pitches on the site I took a different approach. Once a week I scoured the internet for news on tech products and the industry in general related to what my client offered to the market. Based on this research I would write articles which my client would use to help establish themselves as a thought leader in the industry and educate their clients with the latest in IT for business. The articles ranged from 250 to 500 words so they could be consumed quickly and even inserted into email newsletters. This was a weekly activity over a period of a few months. What was the outcome? Feedback from my client’s customers was positive. They appreciated being informed about the IT business without being bored over overwhelmed with geek-speek.

How does that fit into Olds Community TV? Certainly we fit into brand journalism in a broader definition of the term. Our objectives are to tell the stories of our community without bias or point of view. As much as we can. Am I a journalist? A little bit. But I see myself as more of a documentor or recorder of the events around me. The story tells itself or at least is told by the people in the video segment. I like to give them an opportunity to tell their own story and they usually do.

BTW: the pc has come back from the shop and blue-screened overnight. Back to the shop. Maybe I’ll run the channel off of my laptop? What ever it takes.


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