Now that some of the issues have settled down (23 hours without a server crash) I’m thinking about content. While reading through twitter feeds I came across an interesting story from a local business owner. A young entrepreneur who shared her story about the how, why and what of her business. It made for interesting reading and gave me an idea of profiling her (if she is interested) from the perspective of a young entrepreneur. What struck me about her situation was that she is going through the challenges all new businesses face but there was a mission behind her operation that involved more than just making money. That was the emotional hook that caught my attention. Then in thinking it through a little further it occurred to me that a small series of profiles featuring other young entrepreneurs in the area would be worth pursuing.

Why spend time on something that wouldn’t generate a direct revenue stream for OCTV? Well… we are at an early stage of our business and need to prove that we know what we are doing. We want to tell the stories about people in our community and that includes all facets – non-profits and business would fit well. By doing it pro bono we can develop some traction and let them promote our brand while using the video to promote their brand. Free samples work but we need to ensure that we don’t give away the entire inventory.

By featuring these young entrepreneurs in our community we plan to go beyond promoting their business and feed into the economic development in the region. Our goal would be to show that Olds has a thriving business environment that can offer opportunities to new and young entrepreneurs. I’m thinking of a few other businesses that I know of who would fit into our model for the series but will also reach out to some folks in the community who would know of others. For instance: the Executive Manager of OI, the Chamber of Commerce and Olds College.

Can hardly wait to get started on this but still need to do a few other things such as attend the local Town Council meeting. According to our survey, local politics is high on the interest list from our potential audience/


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