Let’s go 2014

What good is a personal log if you don’t use it? In looking back through the posts on this blog I can see that it has one through a few iterations in content topics. We here goes another new topic: starting up a new project in Olds – a community TV station.

January 1, 2014 is the official stat date of the station and through this blog I plan to keep track of the progress of the start-up.  My morning coffee time is usually spent trying to wake up, consuming local news TV, reading news on my iPad and drinking lots of coffee. From here on in I’ll add or substitute blog writing into my morning routine. There will be some rants but mostly it will be a journal of the activities and thoughts as the project progresses.

So… in keeping with the new topic theme: While writing this I’m watching Global TV News out of Calgary. Olds Community TV has no interest in duplicating what already has been done. We are after a new look and format. Watching the mainstream news I see a few things that strike me as identifying elements (good or bad). Essentially the mainstream news at this level curates the stories with the hosts being the link between the segments. What strikes me odd is that the segments are local, regional, national and international.  Not bad and certainly not the political influenced news that we get to see on other channels such as CNN or SUN. Not what we want to do but it’s okay. On second thought maybe not okay. There is a lot of news going on every minute of everyday and this type of reporting is just too narrow for me. Time for more coffee.

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