Your internet is under attack. Not by some hacker but by Google and Verizon with their proposal to control wireless internet traffic. Thinly disguised as support for net neutrality, their initial announcement  followed up with a “suggested legislative framework” for (US) government management of a new internet, attacks your freedom of choice, speech and access to  the world wide web. Net neutrality has many facets but at the core of it is the principle that internet service  providers should not be allowed to discriminate or restrict Web traffic based on its content. Think cable TV. Without net neutrality you will have to pay extra to have access to some sites and even lose the ability to visit other websites because they just won’t be available.

What’s at the heart of this latest attack on net neutrality? The service providers stand to make a lot of money from this new internet model and governments gain control over the “news” and access to alternative points of view will be squashed.

What can you do about it? Get after our elected government officials (remember – they work for us) and let them know that we want a free and open internet and not one based on limited and restrictive laws put forward by corporate lobbyists.


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