Morning coffee time for me is spent catching up on what’s going on in the world. My sources are email newsletters, RSS feeds in iGoogle and tips from tweets. Today I was caught up in an IT World article on innovation in IT. They weren’t talking about buying new gadgets but actually creating a workplace culture to develop new ideas and ways to do business. Having worked in IT for almost twenty-years, I understood what they were talking about and I’ve seen these ideas before. The IT World article shows shining examples of IT process innovation. Most IT departments, particularly in large organizations are sweat-shops. The pressure is on to find ways to have programmers write one more line of code a day and the help-desk to answer one more phone call an hour.  But is finding a new way of doing the same old thing – only more of it in a shorter period of time – truly innovative?

In the current economy businesses are struggling to just keep alive and survive until things turn around. Managing to the margins through cutbacks  is one way to get through. In other words – finding new ways of doing the same old thing. Finding innovative ways of doing business or even innovating by developing a new business can be a stretch but it may pay off in greater rewards.


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