Does the internet make us stoopid?

There is a meme (pronounced meem) or trend becoming popular in lame stream media – the internet makes us stupid!

It doesn’t. Actually the internet makes us more aware of the world around us and everyday it has the potential of enriching our lives. Does it have it’s down sides? Sure but so does everything.

What’s scary from this anti-internet meme is that it might result in this:

internet is bad – so – government legislation of internet is good!

Goodbye net neutrality! Goodbye freedom!

We hear about regimes in countries that repress freedom of speech and are appalled when they restrict access to the internet or parts of it. It can happen here as well. Not as drastic or as heavy handed as in some of those other countries but it can happen here.

Get behind the net neutrality movement out there and let your elected government representatives (MLA’s, MP’s etc) know that you’re watching and won’t tolerate having your freedoms tampered with.



A change in content coming up

We’ve been using this blog to post info regarding our thoughts on IT management but since we aren’t that involved with IT management anymore (it’s boring: the same problems for the last twenty years – user demand = high, IT funding = low, IT management = slow to change etc etc not much has changed here) so we will now use this blog to post (rant) about other things. Mostly:

  • media – lame stream media and new media;
  • technology – how we use it and how it influences our lives;
  • maybe even the occasional IT management item – if it’s related to the above items.

Talk with you later . . .