The current recession has forced the move of IT budget decisions further up the ladder. Now CEO’s are giving the go or no to IT initiatives. Not surprising since a good CEO needs to manage with tighter control during tough times. Talking to the president of a company is not a new sales strategy. In his book The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer advises going straight to the top and working your way down. It’s a lot easier than starting at the bottom and getting stuck there.

This will be seen by many veteran and senior IT managers as a blow to their power within the organization. The result may be a further separation of the IT department from being a strategic decision maker and move them to strictly tactical roles. The worst that could happen is that the CEO makes decisions based strictly on costs and sales pitches, ultimately setting up the IT department for failure.

The best that could happen is if a CEO looks at the vendor proposals from the strategic advantages their products and services offer and include IT managers in the consultation process. IT managers need to make the most of this new role versus fighting it and ending up with less than they had before. I’ve seen both scenarios and only one of them works well. Guess which one.



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