According to a recent report, sales of new desktop computers are dropping compared to mobile computers such as notebooks and net-books. Not surprising considering we are all more mobile and need to be connected where ever we are. According to one report desktop computers still capture 47% of the new computer sales market.

Desktop computers still offer great value for money. Most are well spec’d for the price when compared to portables. Easier to upgrade when you want to extend their life or improve performance. A 24″ monitor connected to a desktop PC is easy to look at. Large laptops (17″-18″) are nice but extremely heavy and hard on battery life. There’s also the long-term maintenance issues to consider. Desktop cases have better ventilation when compared to laptops. As a result they are less likely to overheat the internal components and suffer from premature failure. Replacing internal components in a desktop box is cheaper and offers more options when compared to a laptop.

What we are seeing now is a turn around from previous years. Where laptops where niche and special purpose only five years ago they are now becoming standard computers for most of us. Desktops still have a role to play in the corporate environment but they are becoming the new niche technology.


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