There hasn’t been much coming out of this blog of late. Busy, busy, busy with other things. Such as BRASSmedia and bobbing like a cork on the sea of Web 2.0. The original intent of this blog was to voice my thoughts on IT management and put forth new ways of doing business. That won’t change much but there will now be other topics of discussion. We (meaning me) have just taken on a new role in a new relationship and we’re quite excited.

Direct sales for Nova Media, a strategic online marketing consultant and developer based out of Lacombe Alberta. Peter DeWit, Nova Media’s CEO and I have worked together on a fusion marketing project and when we sat down to discuss this new relationship it seemed like a natural fit. My role is a simple one – develop new relationships with businesses and organizations in need our services.

One of the things I always strive for is quality and integrity in business and my personal life. What excites me about representing Nova Media in the market place is that Peter and his team do more than just develop web sites. Peter’s experience in traditional marketing gives him a great overall view of a clients place in the world of the web. An end to end online marketing solution. Web sites based on a content management system, graphic design, branding, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, ecommerce and ongoing measurement of the impact and effectiveness of your web precence.

We’ll still use this blog to talk about IT’s role in small and medium business but we’ll now broaden our scope to include our work in the world of the web and how it impacts an orgainizations day to day operations.



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