Proposed Cloud/Desktop Model

Following is a quick sketch of a new desktop computer model. It combines the cloud (application and data) with desktop PCs (MAC, PC and Linux) both corporate and personally owned. I’m working on a full white-paper with details on the business rationale and the tech specs. I’m hopping this sketch will encourage some discussion out in the community and I look forward to hearing from you with whatever you have to say about this.


The problem(s) we are trying to solve…

1. access to applications…

    • the need for standardized enterprise apps;
    • implementation of current patches and service packs installed;
    • cost efficient applications;
    • current applications available when needed;
    • current application versions available when needed.

2. access to data…

    • reduce and eliminate redundancy;
    • data in multiple locations, some of which may be inaccessible when needed;
    • standardized data formats and file types.

3. secure data…

    • central repository of data which is secure from theft, intrusion and loss;
    • consistent backup of all corporate data available when needed for disaster recovery and legislative compliance;
    • confidential and private data on mobile storage (HDD, CD/DVD or RAM sticks) with no encryption.

4. consistent desktop software environments…

    • regardless of which computer an employee uses it will have the same look and feel;
    • a standardized environment which contains any and all enterprise software and utilities based on employee’s role.

5. use of personally owned desktop computers for corporate business…

    • allow employees to work from home;
    • allow employees to make use of personal choices in desktop computing;
    • create a secure environment for corporate data on potentially non-secure desktop computers.

The solutions…

By combining many new and emerging technologies we are able to provide solutions to the above problems. The problems are diverse but converge at a single point – people who need access to corporate resources. Typically this is via a desktop computer. Since non-desktop computer devices are more in line with modern web access models and in some cases even have constraints in access modes, we will leave them out of this model.

Links to Desktop Virtualization


Nortel Office-on-a-Stick

Desktop Virtualization Portal


Microsoft Desktop Virtualization


ZDNet – Compliance Issues

ZDNet – White-paper on Virualization

Virtual Machines for the Web Worker

Let me know what you think . . .



2 thoughts on “Proposed Cloud/Desktop Model

  1. Hi,

    Looks like an interesting sketch! Look forward to more details of your upcoming white paper. I’d say what’s going to need more attention is not only the convenience of central storage for virtualized environments, but also a possibility of working offline for a short period of time – for example, if I’m using a thin client accessing my virtual desktop over WAN and then need to disconnect, I would still like to be able to use at least some of the desktop functionality.

    Good luck with the paper!

  2. A really interesting green computer technology I found is Userful Multiplier. It’s where multiple people can use the same computer at the same time each with their own monitor, mouse and keyboard. This saves a lot of electricity and e-waste. A company called Userful recently set a virtualization world record by delivering over 350,000 virtual desktops to schools in Brazil. They have a free 2-user version for home use too. Check it out:

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