To outsource or not to outsource – that is the question!(?)

IDC Canada press release “IDC Canada finds a wide gap between outsourcing clients’ expectations and the services provided” Any one surprised? BTW: this is what IDC Canada is about.

Another take on the survey results is this IT World Canada article by Briony Smith – “Canadian outsourcing satisfaction rates plummet

I can’t afford to purchase the original survey results from IDC, but if you’re thinking about outsourcing or you are not being satisfied by your current outsourced services provider – maybe it would be a good investment for you.

Briony Smith mentions such nuggets as:

  • “Business satisfied with their outsourcers dropped from 50 per cent (2004 survey) to 33 per cent.”
  • “Relationship management satisfaction went from 71 per cent (2004 survey) to 54 per cent”

 I don’t want to pirate the article but I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement as I read through it. There was mention of Outsourcers not being flexible, the changing role of IT in business, clients are far more demanding, service delivery issues and measurement, practices and processes implementation…Hey wait a minute! Isn’t this what they also say about in-house IT departments? Aren’t these issues the very things the vendor sales person told the president, over a round of golf or cocktails, that their company could address and fix?

Don’t get me wrong – outsourcing is not a bad thing, we outsorce many things in our life – everything from making shoes to building a house. If we feel we are not getting value for money, or the product is shoddy we don’t think twice about taking it back to the vendor and complaining. Why dosen’t this happen more often with outsourced IT? Don’t forget, I make my living by being an outsourced consultant. My goal is to deliver value for money and to ensure my clients get a strong ROI on their investment in IT and in me.

In other blog posts, I’ve taken issue with the traditional outsource model and even offered a new take (not just mine but others as well) on the best way for a client to get value for money spent on IT.

It finally looks like enterprises are getting wise and putting presure on IT vendors to deliver. Good for them!

Dean Owen


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