While reading the SOHO magazine I picked up at Staples this morning, I was excited to see an article by Doug Cooper  from Intel, listing top technology trends. What excited me was that this was from a business perspective and not just another new technology talkup (iPhone anyone?).

One of the trends was for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to turn to outsourced technology and service providers in an attempt to deal with the lack of available IT staff. Mr. Cooper made reference to the Net Impact Survey for 2006, as published by Cisco, which addresses  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the world of SMEs.

My take on this survey is that the majority of SMEs are taking ICT seriously and are eager to leverage the power and productivity of technology just as the larger national and multi-national enterprises do. And why not? Technology can aid a SME in gaining a competitive advantage, increase revenues and reduce costs. There was a mention from a third of the SMEs that meeting the demands of the customer was the primary driver of investment in ICT. Imagine that!

The good news for SMEs? The technology, services, expertise and knowledge are out there and are available to you, so as this sector grows, so do the competetive advantages from ICT.

 Dean Owen


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