What will we talk about now?

deanowen.wordpress.com will still be around.

Now that it-management.ca and BRASS media have left home and gone to live on their own, I can devote this blog to commentary on IT items – such as the IT is Dead posts from earlier.

 Over the next couple of days, I’ll be moving their stuff over to their new digs…and setting up the RSS links, so please go over and visit them and follow their blogs and podcasts as they happen.



Brass Media – Podcast Production

Since the podcasting/videocasting production is starting to take on a life of it’s own seperate from my IT management company, I’ve decided to start a production company to better reflect the work I do in this area…Brass Media!

Why Brass? It’s a name from years ago for a band I played in. I’ve always liked the name and decided to resurect it for this venture.

Why Media? As a descriptor for what we do. At first I was reluctant to use the word media because folks might think we produce and deliver handbills… but I guess, in a way we do, but over the inter web. No wasted paper that way! We’re green!

I was also thinking of a web 2.0’ish name like BRAZZ, no – I’ll stick to Brass, it has sentimental value!

Talk to you later . . .


Contest – Worst Canadian Corporate Website

I’m working on a contest for the worst Canadian Corporate Website…and you get to be the nominators and the judges. I just need to work out the details – rules, voting, prize etc. and will post it here.

What prompted me to start this was an exercise in frustration in attempting to navigate the Telus website(s)…which is my nomination by the way. They say the future is friendly! I sure hope so…because the present sure isn’t!

At first thought, I’m not looking for the worst companies, but specifically bad websites. You know the kind – poorly designed user interface, frustrating customer experience, old content, broken or outdated links, questionable colour schemes…

Which reminds me…I need to take a hard look at this site…as it grows, is it becoming hard to navigate?

 Dean Owen

Wikinomics – have you been wikified yet?

Check out this book – ‘Wikinomics – how mass collaboration changes everything‘ by Don Tapscott and Anthony D Williams. They also have a website http://www.wikinomics.com/ with lots of interesting bits. An easy to read book putting forth the idea that the next (and in some cases current) business model is the adoption of the social network and open source concept for business. I really enjoyed it and it certainly made a lot of sense to me.

Two quick observations…

  • They cite the same companies over and over again as examples that support their points. Although these companies are multinationals and worth billions…I would have liked to have more examples.
  • Is this a totally new management and business model, which will eventually reign supreme over all others? Or will it be successful in only some cases and just be an alternative?

My favourite chapter was Chapter 9 – The Wiki Workplace and their profile of the Geek Squad.  

I come from a command and control management environment. That was what I was taught – through formal education and on the job observation. Although I always felt that I was more of a benevolent despot when compared to some other managers. After reading the book and looking back at some of the things I did as a manager/supervisor, I can actually see that I was attempting to implement some wikified type strategies – though certainly not to the degree talked about in Wikinomics.

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