In this episode I discuss the four elements of a podcast:

  •      Content
  •      Capturing the content
  •      Publishing the content
  •      Subscribing to the content

Play the Episode #3 – Anatomy of a Podcast audio here

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Content is what it’s all about . . . it’s what you want to say

  • content on web pages was what it was all about, but it was overshadowed by ‘glitzy’ multimedia. Now we have another chance…let’s not forget that content is why people listen or watch your podcast.

Capturing that content . . . the technical part.

  • with the new tools out there it’s easy to capture your message – you don’t need to be a geek! If someone tells you that you need tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, highly qualified audio and video technicians and professional (costly) production talent – they are either an old-time marketing person or just not in tune with podcasting. Remember the content is the message – you don’t need to make a Hollywood production here – just capture your message the most simple and cost effective way you can.

Publishing that content . . . getting it on the web for the world to see.

  • there are lots of hosting sites out there now that are free or almost free. Use them.

Subscription . . . how people get your message.

  • there is a difference between streaming media (audio or video) and a podcast. Through the use of a RSS (real simple syndication) feed at your end and a feed reader/aggregator at your listeners end, a podcast is sent out to your subscriber the moment it is posted. This adds to the immediacy of your communication and connection with your listeners. BTW: you don’t need an Apple iPod and iTunes to listen and subscribe to podcasts.

Dean Owen


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