Episode #3 – Anatomy of a Podcast.

In this episode I discuss the four elements of a podcast:

  •      Content
  •      Capturing the content
  •      Publishing the content
  •      Subscribing to the content

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Episode #2 – What is the business value of a podcast?

This video podcast is a repackaged powerpoint presentation which I deliver live to small groups. As I mention in the live presentation, or should we call it a ‘face2face cast’, this is an example of how content can be repackaged and reused. Thus extending its reach and useful life.

It is also available as audio only.


Play the Episode #2 – What is the business value of a podcast? audio here
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Episode 1 – Is the IT department dead?

A very hot topic…why did I make my first podcast from deanowen.wordpress.com this one? It was on my mind and I wanted to get it into words. BTW…I am very optimistic about the future of the IT department in the enterprise…it is just that things are changing and we need to keep up and better yet, lead some of these changes.

Play the Episode #1 – Is the IT Department Dead? audio here

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I’m looking forward to your comments . . .

 Dean Owen

More on the demise of the IT Department

This article from IT World Canada – IT shops face fuzzy future by Rosie Lombardi is another take on the Gartner statement regarding the demise of the IT function as we know it. She digs a little deeper and makes reference to the book “Does IT Matter?” by Nicholas Carr, published in 2003. You can get some more of his perspective from his blogs of the subject. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m certainly curious to know what he has to say on this.

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