I spent most of the morning reading through blogs I subscribe to and posted some items of interest here. When I got back to my blog, it occured to me that the last two might come across as negative…quite the contrary.

The links to other blogs on the subject of this change are to provide a starting point to move forward from. The point that I’m trying to come to is that IT as a business entity and a department within an organization must change and evolve. Certainly for some folks, all is lost and the sky is falling. But like it or not – it appears that we, as IT management professionals are on the cusp of that change. Senior IT managers have spent their careers working to the state they are currently in. Who knows, they may just make it to retirement unscathed. On the other hand, those of us still in the game must make the transition to the ‘new’ IT services.

As I see it there are some key elements in this transition:

  1. learn new skills …
    • business, social, technical
  2. change your way of thinking …
    • no, seriously! what worked 20, 10 or  5 years ago very well may have worked well…then, but you need to change to the ‘now’.  If you won’t change on your own, someone may make those changes for you – and then won’t you be surprised?
  3. promote your changes …
    • let others, particularly your bosses and your clients, know that you are making the transition and changing the way you do business. Don’t just tell them – show them!
  4. include others in your transition …
    • get your staff to take part, ask your clients what they see as the next great thing, not just the new office suite version, but grill them on how they want to use technology for their way of doing business – then help them implement these changes.

 The fact of the matter is – I’m very excited about the changes in IT management. Yes, I will be leaving my comfort zones, but I get energized thinking about being able to provide value to an enterprise by helping them use technology to achieve success.

Dean Owen


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