A new IT department model?

Or at least an alternative?

Based on some of the articles, blogs and comments I’ve read lately about the crisis in IT management and how it needs to change, I’m proposing the following model for an IT department.

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Gartner: Wake up IT managers, you’re mediocre (at best)

Found this in the BTL blog at ZDnet … Gartner: Wake up IT managers, you’re mediocre (at best)

This is very real for most, if not all legacy IT departments. The challenge for an IT manager is simple: keep the old stuff working, bring in new stuff and Oh, by the way – do it all with no increase in budget, and possibly a reduction in budget!

It’s certainly not easy – hence the amount of failure in IT service delivery –  (not to mention heads on the chopping block!)

Video Resume

(Update note on July 17, 2007 . . . just watched this video again and realized I didn’t smile once during the whole thing – what a miserable looking character I must appear to be for folks who don’t really know me. Maybe a newer, happier version should be produced! Dean… )

I put together this video as my first attempt at video production. In addition to audio podcasting, my goal is to add video podcasts to my skill set.

The content of this video is not to be taken alone, but as a supplement to my traditional resume.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Dean Owen

First Serious Post!

Spending so much time in getting the right ‘logo’ to show in the header . . . haven’t had much time to actually write something of substance.

Crafted the page header and the it-management.ca logo using Photoshop Elements . . . lot’s of fun. Thanks to all the folks out there who have posted tutorials and other info on Web 2.0 logos and colour schemes.